Dr Saroj Pachauri

Dr Saroj Pachauri, MD, PhD, DPH is a Population Council Distinguished Scholar. She joined the Population Council in 1995 as Regional Director, South and East Asia, and established the Council’s regional office in New Delhi. Prior to joining the Council, Dr Pachauri worked with the Ford Foundation, where she developed the Foundation’s child survival and reproductive health programmes. She initiated work on HIV and AIDS when there was little acknowledgement of the problem in India and no government programme was in place. From 1971 to 1983, Dr Pachauri worked with Family Health International and conducted research on international health issues, especially clinical trials on fertility control technologies.
She has published extensively on family planning, maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, adolescents, and reproductive tract infections, played a major role in influencing policy and been a board member of numerous national and international organisations. An awardee of the Grant’s Gold Medal at the University of Calcutta, Dr Pachauri specialised in community medicine.