SnehAI–Aapki Dost | A companion to empower and protect

SnehAI, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot was introduced in April 2019 based on the learnings of Population Foundation of India’s transmedia social and behaviour change communication program, Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon (MKBKSH; I, A Woman, Can Achieve, Anything). SnehAI is currently hosted on Facebook Messenger.

The chatbot is a unique first-ever use of artificial intelligence for social good in an edutainment programme in India. It uses the on-screen persona of the lead protagonist of MKBKSH, Dr. Sneha to provide a secure, personalised and non-judgemental space for young people to share concerns and learn about issues related to adolescent health and wellbeing.

SnehAI uses Hinglish, a mix of Hindi and English which is used by many young people in India’s Hindi-speaking cities. The content on the chatbot not only provides credible information in a relatable manner but also provides referral support through a wide range of helplines.

The SnehAI chatbot is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) thus strictly following data security and privacy norms.


In April 2020, the chatbot was re-launched with enhancements, moving from a keyword-based chat to an enhanced Natural Language Processing version. The enhanced version of the chatbot comprised core themes such as adolescent health, reproductive health, family planning choices, and adolescent social and mental health issues.

In April 2022, a new version of the chatbot was launched by renowned actor, writer and filmmaker, Farhan Akhtar. This new version focuses on content in line with the need of the hour—how young people can safely navigate the internet—to prevent online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

This would include chatbot conversations, stories and animation films on online abuse, privacy, exploitation, digital safety, online grooming, and the significance of consent, amongst other topics to equip adolescents with information and resources to identify and report online CSEA.

Population Foundation of India gratefully acknowledges the financial support provided for this programme by the End Violence Fund.

Total lifetime users: 141,800+ 

Total conversations: 8.79 Million+ 

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