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Workshop on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing: Identifying a Road Map of Issues and Approaches to Reach Young People

Posted on February 23, 2017

A workshop to promote collective learning and sharing among 18 organisations working on adolescents and issues related to them was held at the India Habitat Centre. The prime objective was to identify key issues related to adolescent health and well-being so that future interventions could be shaped by on-the-ground information, which would enable a more informed and constructive engagement with them. It was also aimed to serve as a guide for further development of strategies to support the expansion of PFI’s edutainment series – Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon.

The workshop saw experts as well as representatives from leading organisations, such as Breakthrough, YP Foundation, Gurgaon ki Awaaz, ICRW, Love Matters, TARSHI, CINI, Ideosync, CREA, Girl Rising, Centre for Catalysing Change, Agents of Ishq, SNEHA, Dasra Girl Alliance and the Red Elephant Foundation, participate. By the end of the workshop, everyone agreed to some key takeaways for future interventions: 

  1. The need for a more nuanced understanding of the multiple ‘adolescents’ within the segment

  2.  The importance of capturing and giving voice to the more marginalised and vulnerable within the segment

  3. Expanding the range of thematic issues and sub-topics within these

  4.  Keeping the accelerator pressed on engaging with the universe of stakeholders

  5. Addressing men and young boys

  6. Going beyond Edutainment to strengthening Engagement

  7. Building coalitions for advocacy

The workshop reaffirmed the need to invest in adolescents and young adults and engage them in programmes that place them at the centre. This has increasingly been recognised as a key strategy in moving towards our goals in sustainable health and development.