PFI conducts a training programme for trainers in scaling up


How do you scale up pilot projects? What are the steps to follow? How do you assess the environmental and technical challenges? And build the capacity for scaling up? How do you decide whether a project is scale worthy in the first place?


A batch of 30 NGO leaders and development workers from different states were taken through these steps by master trainers from Management Systems International (MSI) and Population Foundation of India. The workshop was held in New Delhi from February 23 to 25.


India has many innovative and successful projects that show evidence in improving maternal and child health, arresting the declining sex ratio and raising age at marriage. However, these pilots need to be scaled up so that their full potential can be realized.


Population Foundation of India with technical collaboration with Management Systems International (MSI) has been building itself as a Centre of Excellence in Scaling Up.  For we realize that India cannot afford to lose out on the potential of innovative and promising models as it deals with arresting its high Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Ratio.  


PFI has been identifying and building a pool of master trainers in scaling up management.  It also helps organizations identify scalable models and plan for the scaling up.


The first workshop for master trainers in scaling up management was held in October 2011 in New Delhi.


What is Scaling Up?

‘Scaling Up’ is a term increasingly being used in the development sector as well as in the context of government programmes in India.  Scaling up includes widespread dissemination of a new technique, prototype product or process innovation. It can also mean “growing” an organization, programme or work to a new level or translating a small-scale initiative into a government policy. Scaling up denotes increasing something in size, amount and extent. It could be in terms of numbers – reaching more people; geographic area - reaching a greater geographic or political area; demographic profile - reaching more types of people; and coverage - reaching a greater percentage of a given population. Scaling up rarely occurs in one dimension. The different dimensions of scaling up are mostly interrelated.



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