Technical Assistance & Capacity Building

Population Foundation of India is recognised as an important technical support organisation in the field of family planning and reproductive health, urban health and community action for health.

This has been made possible by adopting a participatory process, providing a platform to diverse civil society groups with emphasis on consensus building and providing opportunities for interface with the government for dialogue.

We provide technical expertise to the government, the corporate sector and the NGOs for launching, strengthening and scaling up pilot initiatives, and implementing research projects. We also provide financial support to NGOs to implement projects around PFI’s thematic priorities.


Under NRHM, PFI has been identified by the Government of India to serve as the Secretariat for the Advisory Group for Community Action (AGCA), a statutory group of experts from the civil society. PFI, as the Secretariat for the Advisory Group on Community Action under NRHM and as the technical nodal agency in Bihar, continues to work towards strengthening community participation in health governance. Link to - Website of Community Action for Health PFI has been providing technical assistance for policy and programme development at the national and state levels. This includes the formulation of health, population and youth policies with a participatory approach to ensure that  equity issues are addressed through them.  Currently, PFI in partnership with State Innovations in Family Planning Services Agency (SIFPSA) is in the process of revising the population policy of Uttar Pradesh which was formulated in 2001 and is valid through 2016.