Technical Assistance & Capacity Building

PFI is recognised as an important technical support organisation in the field of Family Planning and Reproductive Health.


This has been made possible by adopting a participatory process, providing a platform to diverse civil society groups with emphasis on consensus building and providing opportunities for interface with the government for dialogue.


We provide technical support to NGOs and the governments across the country for implementing community-based action research projects. We work to -

  • Build the organizational capacity of NGOs and governments for effective implementation.

  • Promote innovative pilots and provides technical support for scaling up.

  • Achieve the larger objective of strengthening existing health systems and consequently health outcomes, contributing to India’s efforts at fulfilling its commitment to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


Three strategic approaches


NGO support and capacity building takes the form of three strategic approaches- 

  • Identification and strengthening of small organizations to implement models with the potential of large scale change
  • Partnership and funding leverages with large established organizations where there is mutual strengthening between PFI and the primary implementation agency of technical expertise
  • Support to the grassroots initiatives of corporate bodies, where the corporate entity contributes partial funding and we the technical knowhow.


In the past, we have supported capacity building of selected large organizations to transform them to Regional Training and Resource Development Centres (RTRDCs). These RTRDCs, in turn,worked on strengthening NGO capacity at regional levels to better undertake reproductive health and family planning programmes. A significant proportion of these NGOs are now funded by state governments to undertake NGO schemes.


PFI as a Regional Resource Centre

PFI is a GOI appointed Regional Resource Centre for the Mother NGO scheme in the states of Bihar and Chhattisgarh.  PFI was also funded by the central government through UNFPA support to work on issues of sex selective abortions and pre-birth elimination of the girl child in the states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, and in supporting the health system to integrate the elements of the quality framework in health services in selected districts of Bihar.


Under NRHM, PFI has been identified by the GOI to serve as the secretariat for the Advisory Group for Community Action (AGCA), a statutory group of experts from the civil society identified by the GOI. Under AGCA, PFI also served as the Secretariat for a nine-state pilot on the community monitoring component in NRHM.  PFI continues to provide technical support to states to initiate or expand their community monitoring efforts directly as well as through AGCA members.Website of Community Action for Health


PFI has been providing technical assistance for policy and programme development at the state and national levels. Significant efforts include the youth policy formulation in Bihar and Jharkhand ensuring a bottom up participatory approach and health and population policy formulation in Chhattisgarh. PFI provides technical support to issue based work including capacity building of youth organisations like Nehru Yuvak Kendra and National Cadet Corps and engages with Panchayati Raj Institutions at all levels within the states.